Frequently Asked Questions

What types of innovative financial solutions do you offer?

We offer guaranteed issue long–term care products, and individually, medically underwritten annuities to help you meet your goal of paying for your loved one’s care in the most tax- and cost-efficient way possible.

How come I have never heard about these innovative financial solutions before?

We find many financial advisors and insurance agents try to be all things to all people and as a result are not aware of these types of guaranteed issue long–term care products. In addition, we have exclusive access to one of these long-term care products through Simplicity Group.

How much does it cost to schedule an initial consultation?

We  do not charge for the initial consultation or any future consultations. Our company will earn a commission if we are successful in helping you with a solution that uses a guaranteed issue long-term care product or an individually, medically underwritten annuity.

Are there any age restrictions for these types of products?

Yes. Guaranteed issue long-term care products are available through age 80 and individually, medically underwritten annuities are available through age 95.

How long does it take to determine if you can help us meet our goals?

Since we use a comprehensive 4 step process with each client we can usually determine if we are able to help you within 7 days.