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Why Asset-Based LTC?

Long-term care can be a costly and almost inevitable expense for most. Asset-Based LTC can help offset that cost and give both clients and financial professionals a way of supplementing their income plan to address any future long-term care risk.

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Who We Serve…

Simplicity works with a select group of organizations and serves their affiliated financial advisors, agents, accountants, and attorneys.

Insurance and Financial Advisory Firms

Benefit from a verified lead generation system that will help you increase sales, client retention, and protect your business.

Broker-Dealers, RIAs and Banks

Our compliant system will help your advisors generate more GDC, AUM, and insurance sales.

Independent Marketing Organizations

Attract the top advisors with a turnkey, client-acquisition system that will help grow their sales year-after-year.

Elder Law Firms

Increase your firm’s revenue by providing your attorneys with an alternative to Medicaid and VA planning.

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Get the system for consistently booking four to six appointments per week with prospects that have investable assets of at least $200,000 through alternative LTC planning solutions.

The LTC Reality


About 23% of adults (ages 45 to 64) care for an aging adult. For some families, that means 24-hour live-in care. For other families that means mom needs a ride to the doctor or to the grocery store.


Privately paying for long-term care means that seniors would have to find an additional $82,120 –
$94,535 per year in their budget for just one person to receive care. Most of us, seniors or not, could not afford to privately pay for long-term care year after year.


“In 2022, the average nursing home cost about $8,000 per month for a semi-private room and $9,300 for a private room.”

Why Now is the Time for Asset-Based LTC

In today’s changing world where the demands of clients and fiduciary responsibilities are growing every day, advisors and agents need to find real
solutions to serve these specialized needs. Enter Asset-Based LTC and the benefits these policies can provide:

Benefits That Go
Beyond LTC

Asset-Based LTC plans to leverage a
client’s premium dollars and purchase
more than just LTC benefits avoiding the
‘use it or lose it’ aspect of standalone
LTC policies.

Flexible Payment

Asset-Based LTC plans offer strategies
for repositioning existing dollars to fund
the plan on a single premium basis,
although flexible premium payment
options are available.

Rate & Beneficiary

Plans can provide guaranteed premiums,
rates that never increase, death benefits
(on life insurance chassis) payable
tax-free to your beneficiary, and a Return
of Premium feature.

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