Asset-Based LTC Advantage

The Current Environment

As the Boomer population ages and longevity increases so does the need for Long-Term Care (LTC). But LTC insurance in today’s environment isn’t as straightforward as it used to be.1 The availability of LTC insurance is lessoning as carriers are limiting product availability and application approval. The rising costs of premiums are making it too expensive for some individuals to afford. While government programs like Medicaid or Veteran Aid & Attendance can provide some financial assistance, they traditionally fall short in asset limitations and the various types of care that are covered.2

The Alternative Solution

Since the inception of the Pension Protection Act (PPA) of 2006, consumers are permitted to participate in LTC combination plans. These asset-based plans allow for tax-free distribution of life insurance or annuity cash value to pay for long-term care.

Your New Business Advantage

Seamlessly integrate Asset-Based LTC planning solutions in your business and realize the advantages of:

Product Options

There are various products and product options to help best meet the needs of the client.

Guaranteed Premiums

Plan holders receive a certain level of protection without being subject to premium increases.

Prompt Payout

Advantaged funds from the plan are payable to the designated beneficiary at the time of death.

Tax-Free Transfers and Benefits

In certain situations, tax-advantaged transfers and benefits can be pursued.

Give your clients and business an advantage through
Asset-Based LTC planning options.